The Words of a Holy Man

March 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Faith. The overpowering, overwhelming belief in the inexplicable.

Logic, give up, what I know is beyond you. Philosophy, linear and unrelenting, give up. You either know or you do not. The eyes of the holy man tell me all this, following me intently.

Holy man, where is your evidence? Revive my conviction. I want to feel what you feel, and know the world as you know it.

He chuckles, as love is beyond the mind’s control, so are the foundations of faith. It lays within the heart. The search for faith through logic is down a dark, gloomy alley of scepticism. Man cannot be the determining factor for law and order, for he himself is flawed.

God is not. He is an inspiring being, characterised by peace and perfection.

To the holy man, aspiring for pure and all-embracing faith is to strive for perfection as an individual. Mankind needs faith, the motivation to perform good deeds and to avoid bad ones, teaching discipline, respect and love, inspiring ambition and courage.

The holy man is adamant that lack of worldly evidence does not disqualify his belief in the presence of a God. “You misunderstand, the presence of faith is not due to worldly manifestation, it is merely the acceptance of an unquestionable and unconditional good.”

The Azan for the midday prayer interrupts our conversation, and with a toothless smile, the holy man is gone, leaving me feeling strangely reassured.


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